Advantages of water-soluble fertilizers

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With the popularization of water-soluble fertilizers and the realization of their advantages, more and more farmers are starting to use water-soluble fertilizers. Water soluble fertilizers are also constantly emerging in the market, and the quality of water soluble fertilizers varies from good to bad. So, what is the relationship between the quality of water soluble fertilizers?

The quality of water-soluble fertilizer products is closely related to production raw materials, production steps, and production equipment. We need to analyze and screen based on our own crops, fertilizer habits, and production cost management. We can also learn about the development strength, product quality, and user reputation of fertilizer companies online in detail, and comprehensively consider selecting a large number of elemental water-soluble fertilizers.


How to choose a suitable water-soluble fertilizer? We need to choose nutrients that are complete, easy to absorb, and have high utilization rates. More importantly, special nutrients should be added. There are many manufacturers with high levels of nutrition, absorption, and utilization. Once the products are homogenized, there will be a significant gap in production process and quality, and the effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. But those that meet the requirements of adding special nutrients are different, which means that a large number of Chinese element water-soluble fertilizer manufacturers that meet the design requirements have their own research and development, effectively ensuring quality and effectiveness.

High quality water-soluble fertilizer products with large amounts of elements not only contain the large, medium, and trace elements required by crops, but also require special addition of nutrients to promote crop accumulation and synthesis, and improve crop yield and quality. More importantly, the raw material ratio should be flexible, suitable for use at various stages of the crop, and have significant effects.

Common equipment required for producing water-soluble fertilizers include material elevators, feeding platforms, urea crushers, material mixers, powder packaging machines, hot sealing machines, etc.

Each part consists of one or more mechanical equipment. As a manufacturer of water-soluble fertilizer equipment, Lito Technology has rich experience in the research and development of amino acid water-soluble fertilizer production equipment, which can be customized according to your actual needs.