• Lito Technology has been focusing on the research and development of water-soluble fertilizer equipment for over a decade
  • Equipped with a strong design team, production workshop, and after-sales service team
  • Provide solutions for over 2000 fertilizer production enterprises worldwide, helping them solve various problems encountered in the production process


Lito Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Qinhuangdao City, covering an area of 30000 square meters, including a factory area of 15000 square meters. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to serving industries such as chemical, fertilizer, feed, grain and oil, food, and medicine.We provide technical services and production equipment such as formula (BB) fertilizer production lines, water-soluble fertilizer production lines, liquid fertilizer production lines, seedling agent prod...

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Fully automatic water soluble fertilizer production equipment

1. Integrating ingredients, mixing, and packaging, all of which are automated.2. Automatical···

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Liquid water-soluble fertilizer production line

1. The tank can be made of FRP, carbon steel or concrete. Fiberglass is the preferred materi···

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Semi-automatic water soluble fertilizer production equipment

The semi-automatic water-soluble fertilizer production line equipment is a new type of ferti···

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Horizontal double screw belt mixer

1. Determine the volume of materials mixed in each batch, ranging from 0.1 to 20 cubic meter···

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Batching system

he weight loss scale is a weighing device that continuously feeds and discharges materials i···

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Powder packaging scale

Applicable scope:This product is widely used in industries such as grain, feed, and chemical···

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The difference between large amount of elemental water soluble fertilizer and medium amount of elemental water soluble fertilizer 

In the classification of water-soluble fertilizer, it can be divided into a large number of elements, medium element, trace element water soluble fertilizer, each water sol···

What is the production process of water-soluble fertilizer?

What is the production process of water-soluble fertilizer? The production of water-soluble fertilizer can be distributed in several parts of batching and mixing and packag···

Advantages of water-soluble fertilizers

With the popularization of water-soluble fertilizers and the realization of their advantages, more and more farmers are starting to use water-soluble fertilizers. Water sol···