What is the production process of water-soluble fertilizer?

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What is the production process of water-soluble fertilizer? The production of water-soluble fertilizer can be distributed in several parts of batching and mixing and packaging, which is described in detail below.

Feeding, dosing, bacthing: according to the automation of the production line equipment, the raw material ratio can be directly put into the mixer by manual, or it can be put into the mixing bin first, and then the system automatically puts into the mixer according to the formula.

Grinding, mixing: water-soluble fertilizer products are mixed with a variety of raw materials. Some raw materials are granular, need to be crushed into powder, the raw materials need to be crushed first into the crusher, and then into the mixer and other raw materials to mix and stir.

Packaging, palletizing: after the mixing is completed is the final water-soluble fertilizer product, the finished product in the mixing machine into the finished product warehouse for temporary storage, the finished product warehouse is connected to the quantitative packaging machine, according to the set weight specifications for packaging, semi-automatic production line need manual bagging, packaging machine automatic feeding, feeding after the completion of automatic bag, and then manually sealed. Automatic production line can automatically bagging, automatic transportation, automatic sealing.


What are the equipment for the production of water-soluble fertilizer?

Crusher: used to crush raw materials into powder.

Batching bin: used to mix the crushed raw materials in proportion according to formula.

Mixer: Used to mix and stir the ingredients.

Packaging scale: used to package the mixed water-soluble fertilizer.

Conveyor belt: used to transport the packaged water-soluble fertilizer to the designated location.

These devices have different functions and roles, but work together to complete the production process of water-soluble fertilizer. The specific equipment configuration and model selection will vary depending on the actual production conditions and product requirements.

When choosing a water-soluble fertilizer equipment manufacturer, the following factors need to be considered:

Production capacity: including annual production capacity, capacity utilization, etc., the choice of manufacturers with strong production capacity can better meet the market demand, but also represents the production process and equipment of the manufacturer is more advanced.

Technical strength: Technical strength is the guarantee of the quality of water-soluble fertilizer equipment, and the choice of manufacturers with strong technical strength can ensure the performance of equipment and the quality of water-soluble fertilizer products produced.

Quality certification and production standards: Ensure that manufacturers comply with the relevant quality certification and production standards in the production process, such as ISO9001, organic certification, etc. These certifications and standards guarantee the quality and safety of water-soluble fertilizers.

Qualification and reputation: The choice of qualified and reputable water-soluble fertilizer manufacturers can improve product quality and service reliability. You can check the official website, ask other growers or agricultural institutions to find out about the qualifications and reputation of the manufacturer.

Research and development strength and technical support: understand the manufacturer's research and development strength and technical support capabilities, including whether there is a professional research team and technical support personnel, whether it can provide technical guidance and solutions. This ensures timely help and support during use.

After-sales service and convenient distribution: Choose manufacturers that provide perfect after-sales service and convenient distribution, and can provide timely technical support and product supplement during use. At the same time, convenient distribution ensures timely delivery of products.

Other user evaluation: Understand the evaluation and feedback of other users, can help judge the manufacturer's product quality and service reputation, you can understand the relevant information through the Internet or other user groups.

After considering the above factors, the appropriate water-soluble fertilizer equipment manufacturer can be selected in combination with the actual demand and situation.